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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. Our blog is to update you on current musings, opinions and events at Platinum Liquor.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

How's Them Apples

Sticking Out Like An Adam’s Apple.

Unfortunately, due to popular demand we sell even more ciders that not only look great but taste awful.

Well fear not, because apart from carrying terrible cider for people who spend more money on they’re clothing than they do on the food and beverages that goes into their bodies.

Platinum Liquor is here to save the day with Cider made from real cideries, real people, that grow real apples.

Not cider from some marketing twat that lives in one of the umpteenth hipster suburb. (go on then rattle them off Annandale, Newtown, Glebe, Balmain,Darlinghurst, Bondi...), wouldn’t know an apple tree if I shoved one up his arse, then enlists his best mate (aka the graphic designer) for a "groovy hip fun" label.

His off the shelf cider is then sold to terrible bottle shops in trendy hip urban areas where their patrons don’t know sh#t from clay.

So, praise be for new arrivals of the following;

St Ronan Apple Cider (Vic)
St Ronan Pear Cider (Vic)
Bress Brut Apple Cider (Dry Aperitif style) (Vic)
Bress Bon Bon Apple Cider (Fruiter Style) (Vic)
Willie Smiths Organic Cider from (Tasmania)

And what we continue to carry the in good cider ;

Le Pere Jules Cidre Bouché Pays D'Auge
LA POMMERAIE Cidre Brut Artisanal de Normandie- Dry
LA POMMERAIE Cidre Doux- Normandy Semi -Dry
Fernand et Frères Poiré
Le Pere Jules Poire (Perry-Pear wine) Pays D'Auge.
Victor Gontier Cidre Bouche Fermier Domfrontais (Apple)
Cidre de Cornouailles Cornwall Brittany (Apple)
Cidre traditionnel d'Anneville (Apple)
Comte Louis de Lauriston Poire (Perry/Pear Cider)
Eric Bordelet Sydre Argelette (Apple)
Eric Bordelet Poire Granit (Perry/Pear Cider) Fu*%ing Amazing!
Eric Bordelet Sydre Brut Tendre (Apple)
Small Acres Dry Sparkling
Small Acres Medium Dry Still
Small Acres Medium Still
Small Acres Medium Sweet (Frizzante)
Small Acres Dry Sparkling Rose
Small Acres Ice Wine Cyder
Thorogoods Medium Dry Spakling
Thorogoods Medium Sweet Sparkling
Thorogoods Dry Sparkling
Thorogoods Sweet Scrumpy Still
Thorogoods Meduim Dry Scrumpy Still
Thorogoods Dry Scrumpy Still
Thorogoods Medium Sweet scrimpy Still
Thorogoods Sweet Apple Liquor
Thorogoods Apple Chocolat Liquor
Cidre Dupont Cuvee Colette 2006

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