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Friday, 12 October 2012

Keeping Sydney Beered!

Bridgeport IPA, Hop Czar DIPA, Kingpin Double Red Ale have arrived.

Bridgeport will be available at Nth Strathfield store from Friday the 12th of October and at Bellevue Hill from the 14th of October.

They are all solidly made beers.

Bridgeport are one of the originals. Their beers are the kind of beers that 30 years ago would have been mind blowing, but probably a bit behind the pack now.

not that we are complaining.

They are also at a pretty tasty price too.

Know you know that we don't really do prices on the blog. It's not how we carry ourselves.

but 6packs of all three beers are $25.

IPA ctns - $85

Hop Czar DIPA, Kingpin DRA - $95


Watch it, neuter it, love it, respect it. Drink those mother f*#kers

Bring on the Knucklehead!

Carlos Alvarez will be happy.

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