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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. Our blog is to update you on current musings, opinions and events at Platinum Liquor.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Beer Here. No Really, Beer is Here.

Beer Here is here.

Owen will be happy.

Hopfix - IPA.

Fat Cat - Amber Ale.

Ammestout - Milk, Coffee Stout.

Freaks & Geeks (Moon Dog collaboration) - Farmhouse-y Sour-y Style Ale.

Im Saying here and now. Moon Dog need to put their brews in 500ml-640ml-650ml-750ml bottles. everyone just wants to "try one" and not commit to a six pack. I want to met someone who buys Moon Dog six packs on a regular basis...

Obviously the Freaks and Geeks interests me, mostly because at one point in my life, I'm sure I've been labeled a freak or a geek (well maybe not a geek, apart from my love of Batman and "attempts" and great failures to understand complex engineering, I'm simply not intelligent enough). cold hard reality.

Properly brilliant labels. Bit weird like that, me and labels and collecting bottles. Actually it's a lot weird. Possibly a bit like a freak.

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