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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. Our blog is to update you on current musings, opinions and events at Platinum Liquor.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Bigfoot captures the imagination, and its character is as big as the name implies, with a huge hoppiness in its earthy aroma, a chewy palate, and a great depth of flavor.”

– Michael Jackson,
Michael Jackson’s Beer

I love and miss Michael dearly. That sounds like I knew him personally. I didn't, but I know we would have gotten on like a couple of old cats in a pigeon pen.

it's here, so don't mess about.

And don't do the old ill just buy one rate it online, one two trick.

Buy a six pack, drink two now, two in six months and the last two in a year.

Better yet, buy a carton.

Like I've said before, I don't really do prices on the blog. it's not how we carry ourselves.

However you really must know that we are selling cartons (24 bottles) of Bigfoot for $125.

That's $5.20 for a 355ml's of pure big hoppy bliss 9.6% barley wine.

Watch it, neuture it, love it, respect it. drink that mother f*#ker.

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