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Friday, 11 November 2011

Divinty Involving Beer, Hats, After Shave & a Ferrari

Finally, after all this time, I recived some of 'The Caligione's beers.

Thats right, I don't even reffer to Sam Caligion, as Sam Caligione anymore. At Platinum Lqiuor we either reffer to him as God, or 'The Caligione'.

It is pretty sad, but hey, some of us hero worship Todd Carney and some of us hero worship people who actually work for a living and have made something of themselves.
(I wanted to list a whole bunch of NRL and AFL players, but the sad fact is, I actually don't know any of their names, they are just buff, whith lots and lots of Douche Bag tats)

So, now I can proudly disply my Dogfish Head metal sign in my door front window.

I felt that I could not place it on view until I had stocked some of 'The Caligione' beers.

It's a bit like (and I think you have to have Italian heritage to experiance this one and understand it full) all those guys I know or knew grwoing up that had/have Ferrari hats, underpants, pens, watches, aftershaves, pit crew shirts, shoes, bags, PJ's etc...

But actually were never going to, or do own an actaull f@#king Ferrari.
And they couldn't even point out Modena on a map if they tried.

Anyways, the sign makes me happy. :)

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