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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. Our blog is to update you on current musings, opinions and events at Platinum Liquor.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Love Letters - Preface.

One month ago, I finally sampled Westvleteren 12.

It signified a magnanimous moment for me, A culmination of feelings in regards to the ‘Grand Slam” of the 'Quadruple'.
The following blog posts are love letters to the four crowning Quadruple's describing my feelings and how I came about them.
Love is for everybody, and we all deserve to be happy, but sometimes we don’t always get what we deserve.

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