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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. Our blog is to update you on current musings, opinions and events at Platinum Liquor.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Stuff, Again.


Yes. Only at Bellevue Hill during the Renovation at Nth Strathfield.

-Green Flash Barleywine
-Green Flash Palate Wrecker DIPA
-Green Flash IIPA
-Rogue Dead Guy Ale
-Rogue Brutal IPA (and don’t think im not pissed off they change the name from Brutal Bitter to Brutal IPA so it can appeal to twats that JUST drink IPA)
-Rogue St Rogue Dry Hopped Red Ale
-Garage Project Hops On Point
-Garage Project Pils N Thrills
-Garage Project Precocious Weed
-Garage Project Death From Above
-Garage Project Venusian Pale Ale
-Tilquin Gueuze (Always know it’s a good Gueuze, when he bottles have dust all over them).

Keep calm, buy some beer.

That is all.

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