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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Small Bar Times Part II

I love stocking products that we will never sell.

Liquors and spirits that people, no matter how good he product is, it just doesn't shift.

My theory is, I can talk till I'm blue in the face about some brilliant other wordily sprit. About how it's hand crafted and hows it totally unique.

"There is only 30 bottles in the world and it has been filtered through the original jackets of Elvis Presley and The Fonz" I might baffle on a bit, but always the truth...

Inevitably, every customer smiles at me, "mmmm, maybe next time" and gives me the 'you look like a used car salesman' glare.

Obviously, this being me, I take offence to the situation and I'm immediately on the siege "Us VS Them" mentality.

However, if we switched the situation, where I was, say a 'mixologist' and I had a beard, a small towel over my shoulder, some sort of flannel scruffed shirt with the buttons down up all the way to the top. Possibly the interplay of a 'smurf' beanie and thick rimmed spectacles and listened to the funky sounds of dubstep instead of the whiney punk sounds of something like The Buzzcocks.
Then, they instantly fold and splurge and purchase said $45 saffron infused quaint, ironically named cocktail, using the spirit that I just tried really, really, really hard to sell.

Give or take. Thats my argument anyway.

Maybe I really do look like a used car salesman.

Maybe I need to dress differently at work.

Maybe I'm the only person who, in all fairness respects people who make my tasty beverages. However, sometimes 'mixologists' just need to remember that, you are indeed, just the person who makes my f@&ken drink, I don't want you to impress me, I just want you to be a nice, normal person.

Having that trademark vitriol out of the way, the following products are now available (albeit at the Bellevue Hill store, please contact if you indeed want one and visit North Strathfield) :

Pussers 15yo Navy Rum
Pussers 1L Nelson's Blood Ceramic Decanter
Pussers 200ml Nelson's Blood Ceramic Decanter
Sazerac Rye Whiskey
Sazerac 18yo Rye Whiskey
Sazerac Thomas Handy Rye Whiskey
Pyrat XO Rum
Buffalo Trace 'White Dog Mash' (Pure Buffalo Trace Bourbon clear before it enters the barrel, properly amazing. it's never gonna sell)
Germana Cachaça 2 Years in Oak
Germana Cachaça Caetano;s (Aged in Umburana Wood Cask)
Roger Groult 3yo Calvodos Pays d'Auge
2002 Calvados Victor Gontier Domfrontais Appellation
Cognac Dudoognon VSOP Grande Champagne 10yo
Pastis Henri Bardoin

(1L Jars of French fruit stewing in their own liquor)
1L Jar of Liquor Du Friut - Cherries
1L Jar of Liquor Du Friut - Raspberries
1L Jar of Liquor Du Friut - Cheery Plum
1L Jar of Liquor Du Friut - Baby Pears
1L Jar of Liquor Du Friut - Prunes in Armagnac

These are actually really properly lovely and would be an absolute gem placed at the bottom of a Champagne flute topped with some Mumm over the top.
Monaco, F1? Anyone?

You can always prove me wrong.

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