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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Clowning Around = Coulrophobia

I do have Coulrophobia. I have a fear of clowns.

Doesn’t count for the Joker though. The Clown Prince of Crime, has never bothered me.
He’s anarchistacally ( I think I just made that word up?) genius and funny as hell.
God bless his purple socks.

However, I can pretty much pin point that moment when I was 4 years old, and my older brother tortured me with the like of scary movies such as;

Alien & Aliens
Chucky 1 & 2
And how can I ever forget the movie ‘IT’ (scary clown below).

I Still don't even know what its about. Just that the red nosed clown scared the living day lights out of me.

I've never liked clowns/dolls/scary or horror movies ever in my life.

Bit of a pussy really.

I’ll be happy with Saving Private Ryan, thank you very much.

So, this made me a little anxious when I was ordering some beers from the American Brewer ‘Clown Shoes’.

But to my pleasant surprise, there is no clowns on the labels, just their silly Side Show Bob’ X-Large shoes.


We have received their;

Clementine Wit Bier
Brown Angel Ale American Brown Ale
Eagle Claw Fist Imp. Amber Ale

Anyway. Now you know I’m easier to scare than the Lion out of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

I'm not even going to tell you about how my brother tried to trick me into watching the ‘HELLRAISER’ franchise as a child.

Mentally scared forever.

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