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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Anchorage & Wayerbacher

Sounds a bit like a posh clothes manufacture.
Or some mega company destroying law firm.

However it’s just two new arrivals from some brilliant US brewers.

Anchorage are from Alaska.


So, Alaska gave us Sarah Palin but these guys brew to make you forgive anything.

Specialising in barrel fermentation with brettanomyces and souring cultures. Blurring the lines between new and old styles of beer and brewing procedures, they take extreme steps to produce some of the most unique beers ever made.

At the moment we only have their Whiteout Wit Bier.

“Sorachi Ace hops contribute the lemony aroma and flavour, imparting additional life to the brew, reminding you of how good it is to be alive. Lemon peel, Indian coriander and black peppercorns add the same invigorating zest whiteout survivors feel when stepping from the world of white. Triple fermentation, the long slumber in French Chardonnay barrels and a shot of brettanomyces provide an explosion of flavour when combined with the other swirling, enticing elements. It's okay. Stand up, shake it off and feel alive; that's what Whiteout Wit is all about.“

From the Brewer. Sounds promising.

On the other hand, we have Wayerbacher from Pennsylvania.

Super yum, super crafted. One of the best of the best on the east coast.

We have their Old Heathen (RIS)
Blithering Idiot (Barley Wine) Mmmmm, sounds a bit like me….

They had some IPA’s but I didn't order any because I already have too many. What do you people want for me!!!????
Just joking, they were out of stock, relax.

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