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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Quattuor Pinus

This is not really a post for all the "Hardcore’s" out there.
For our window promo this Summer, we will be having 4 Pines beers.

We have their Stout, Pale Ale, Hefe Wiezen & Kolcsh.

Yes. Yes, I know. they don't do an IPA and I'm sure your all going to point out to me in that they don't have their own production brewery. Yet.

But they are super nice guys and this means it's another beer I can recommend when people ask for James Squire.
死んじまえ, 行ってしまえ (卑語) (apparently that means f@%K you) Lion Nathan

I've been to 4 Pines once. It was nice. I whish I could go there more often.

Had a burger, pints and everything.

Quality ESB.

However living in 'The Shire' means that somewhere like Manly is almost an entire universe away.

I know I could drive there, but what’s the point of visiting a brew pub if you can’t have more than one pint.

And all my friends drink Pure Blonde, so how do I talk them into catching terrible public transport. nay make them drive me there.


So, I don't really do prices on the blog. it's not how we carry ourselves.
However there is a first for everything.

4 Pines 6 packs are $17.99 and cartons are $59.99.

They might not be some quad triple hoppy mega super premium bitch IPA,
However for Chrissy, they are a tasty option, especially for those relatives that you don't mind giving the good stuff to.


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  2. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the mention. Just wanted to give you a quick update on the venue - hopefully enough of a reason to drag you from The Shire!!!

    We've just released the 1st of our 'Single Hop Series'.

    An Amarillo Summer Ale | 5% ABV 22 IBU

    Presenting light in appearance with a sweet aroma, refreshingly crisp with a slight bitterness.

    Our Specialty, tapped last week for St Andrews Day:

    Wee Heavy Scotch Ale | 6.8% ABV 22 IBU

    Brewed with peated whiskey malt it presents smokey and big.

    With the 20 - 25 Specialties we brew at 4 Pines each year we're trying to offer something bigger and more challenging while still being seasonal.

    Hopefully the above is enticing enough to get you over for a weekend?
    When you do be sure to let us know and we'll get you through the brewery to drink beer off tank and get your hands dirty.

    Hopefully we'll see you soon!!!