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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Yada, Yada, Yada"


Jerry Seinfeld.

Sometimes, I think of the strangest things.

Should people that wear gumboots in metropolitan Sydney be a crime punishable by death? Gumboots. Yep, We are the second driest continent on the planet. Makes total sense.
If we were living in Seattle or the North Cotswold's, yeah, sure, fine.

Should watching Underbelly Razor be a crime punishable by death?
I guess so. It's terrible and from what I hear on the wireless, it's ghastly inaccurate.

Going to the dentist frightens the hell out of me. I have the thought that my anaesthetist is the wife of my dentist, and as soon as I'm going under from the aesthetic, husband and wife grin sadistically at the each other, the lights dim and a disco ball detracts from the ceiling. Suddenly you wake up, you spitting out blood and you lower back and backside are in unmistakable pain...

So it comes as no surprise that when I had a thought about the IPA fad.

It just seems so right that the topic would have and should have reared it's head on the hit television sit-com 'Seinfeld'.

It would be one of those episodes that George neurotically discovers that everybody is into craft beer, especially IPA. He then explains this to Elaine, Kramer and Jerry.

who once told, start noticing the trend themselves.

They scour the Upper West Side for IPA.

Soon, they are hooked, however George holds firm, drinking Bud or MGD.

Proclaiming that it's merely a passing fad and he would much rather stick to other fads such as eating his doughnuts with a knife and fork.

"Not that there is anything wrong with that" they would say to George.

Soon, Kramer is a total beer geek. He has way too many benders on IPA and starts to proclaim that "these IPA's are making me thirsty", so bitter they are.

A few scenes at The Blind Tiger, Pony Bar, Rattle n Hum and I think you'd have 2-3 episode up your sleeves of craft beer lairyness.

I don't know what is more amusing about this post. the fact that the IPA fad would be perfect for Seinfeld or that my resistance for drinking too much IPA is aligned with that of George Costanza.

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