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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Human Condition : Fire And Flame

Serving to nearest makes no difference 2000 customers a weak, any humble shop keep such as myself can eventually become a observer of the human condition.

It's fights, flights, foibles and mannerisms. To the very point, most people, and I'm not talking about beer people (well maybe now considering you all buy only Imp. Stout and IPA), on a 75% - 80% strike ratio, as soon as they enter the door, I can tell what product the person is going to buy, their taste in music, wine, where they like to go out, social status and their political allegiance.

I'm not always right, and that makes me happy, I like to be surprised. However, it's a shame that sometimes I deem many people and their lives merely as formulaic.

So, when we received some beer from the HandBryggeriet brewery last week ( no blog post, no biggie, just a few beers that's all) I was totally curious when the IPA that they made with De Molen brewery Fyr Og Flamme wasn't selling.

It was strange, I was sure it would sell, it has the now infamous three letter acronym that makes certain beer folk go weak at the knees.

Then late last week it clicked. The bloddy thing doesn't have the three letter acronym, it simply says Fyr Og Flamme.


(NOTE : To the left, ordinary Fyr Og Flamme and to the right, adjusted for the beer geek IPA crazed public)

So, in the most HandBryggeriet (that means "Hand Brewed" for those who Dannish is not their strong language point) I decided to hand write IPA on each bottle atop the label picture and under the labels name.

The result?

Yep, you guessed it's a J A I P A, and now selling steadily.

I love the fact the three sheer letters make the difference between a beer selling and gathering dust.

What a strange marvelous world we live in.

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