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Friday, 20 August 2010

Vote for uz, y'wazzock

David, Kirrily and the boffins at Beer & Brewer Magazine are out to find the best beer outlets/venues in Australia

(And New Zealand too. but no one cares too much about them.

Good'ol NZ. like a cute little brother. All ways trying hard. Does anyone take them seriously? Poor Dollar, poor economy, poor wages, overrated wine industry and high crime rate.

But their brewers? Stratospherically good)

And we are hoping you could vote for us. So you might not like our strong opinions on NZ or drinking too much IPA (which is for Armatures and hipsters).

But that doesn't mean we are not a colourful part of the NSW, ney Australian beer community.

Here are the links for two categories:

Best Bottle Shop. 300+ beers

Best Bottle Shop. Less 300 beers

So, we might not have the biggest selection in Oz but it's concise and hand selected, we definitely play the most interesting and best music (And by, best music, we don't mean 'The White Stripes' or 'Coldplay'). Possibly the place to come in, talk shit and be totally elitist about people drinking Little Creatures and James Squire and rate themselves immensely.

It's fairly simple, folk. Follow, the links above, fill out the the criteria form send it in with your email attached.

Enough instructions, your a human being. work it out.

Much Love.

Platinum Staff

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