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Friday, 11 April 2014

Love Letters - Part IV

Dear Rochefort 10,

We all deserve a place to call home.

We all deserve and have the right to be happy don’t we? You know this more than me.

To me, you make life worth living, I would indeed set sail of a thousand ships to behold your beauty one last time.

You are the reason people peruse the unbelievable. The world turns on such myths of happiness and fulfillment that you provide me with.

You are a dream.

We could lay talking on the phone for hours together.

No words spoken, just enjoying the silence together. We would both know this is meant to be. We have everything in common, your thoughts, your dreams, your beliefs, your loves, your hates and your fears.

We would experience them together.

Love doesn’t always work out the how you planned. It throws curve balls.

We take each other by the hand and move forward.

I never forget the first night we met. It was a ordinary Monday.

I thought you would just be like the rest of them. I wasn’t expecting much, I'd a bad run of late and I thought I was just ticking you off the list (yes, that list).

Diner that I cooked for us was as comfortable as they come, grilled meat and peperonata (peppers and potatoes stewed with water and a dash of red pasta sauce).

You poured in to the glass and your head had already disappeared.

They say, that most days are unremarkable.

Not this one.

You were creamy, firm yet elegant. Your light but evervesant prickly carbonation. You rivaled that of toffee and cotton candy with whips of minty leafy green hop. Cocoa’s, peppery spices, the faintest hint of anise and nutmeg. Your subtle smoky, rum soaked Christmas pudding character was not even the beginning of how to describe your weight. Burnt sugar, honeyed oats, plum, dash of spiced fig and licorice to top it all of with the faint whiff of booze.

As you warmed, we intertwined with each other.

Make me ours.

Is this love? I wasn’t to be sure.

If this feeling is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

We have come full circle, its all beginning to make sense to me know. Why we are, they way we are.

All that moves the sun and the stars is the closest thing I can come to saying how much I love you.

This is eternal, we are bound together you and I.

We have changed things for each other. There is no going back.

You are the beginning of a day and the end of an evening. You are nothing more than you ought to be. I love you for everything you are, and everything you are not.

This is it. For my heart to be full.

Love, yours truly.


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