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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Found It! Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife.

Introducing Founders to Australia and Sydney.

The Founders Brewery you had never heard of, until someone really into beer told you it was coming to our shores and by sure as shit you Google’d that son’bitch

This 3rd generation brewery from Michigan is the tits.

We are carrying the only Founders worth carrying.

-Breakfast Stout
-Centennial IPA
-Double Trouble IPA

I wish I could carry the Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale, but I know no one will want to buy it (and by “but it”, I mean properly buy a 4pk or two).

If they do, they just want to buy 1-2 bottles.

Otherwise I’m not stocking All Day IPA or some of the other ‘regular’ beers, just so you can try one bottle, sprodge over the laber on the other bottle for keeps sake.

Then I’m stuck with the remaining 23 bottles. Going out of date and freshness.

If you want All Day IPA or the Pale Ale or any of the 'regular' other beers, I can order in a case for you, its just you will have to purchase the entire case.

I'm reasonably sure, I've made myself clear on this issue by now.

In other good news, we have received the following tasty brews.

Some new. Some tried and tested.

-Sierra Nevada Hoptimum ( Common scenario - annoying customer “Yeah its good, but I’ve already had it”)

-Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad brewed with plums (new)

-Tocalmatto Oceania (Hoppy Saison, it’s proper)

-TO-OL Snowball Saison Aged in White Wine Casks (New)

-Baladin Super (Belgian Strong Ale) New

-Baladin Elixer (Belgian Strong Ale) New

-Lover Beer D'uva Beer (Wild Ale) New

-Lover Beer BeerBera (Wild Ale) New

-Lover Beer Dama Brun-a (Flanders Oud Bruin) New

Just a reminder that these beers are ALL at our Bellevue Hill store, because of the ongoing renovation of Nth Strathfield.

Keep Calm, Buy and Drink Beer.

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