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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Love, Respect, Hatred, Jealousy & Forgiveness

Baird Beer now here.

We have their ;
-Jubilation Ale - Spice/Herb Farmhouse Ale
-Morning Coffee Stout - Coffee Stout
-West Coast Wheat Wine - Barley Wine
-Carpenters Mikan Ale - Fruit Beer/Farmhouse Ale
-Four Sisters - Spring Bock
-Bureiko jikan -Strong Golden Ale
-Saison Sayuri _ Saison

I don't really 'do' travelling. With that means that I only ever want to visit countries that really fascinate me.
Asia, most of it, admittedly is just not really my thing. there a lots of places I want to visit first before most Asian countries.

Japan. However is the only Asian country that I will make a considerable effort to visit. I love Japan. Or the thought of it anyway.

I admire and respect Japan, immensely. They have dedication beyond most about the simplest of things. Dress, tea ceremony, landscaping, cars, technology . It's ideologies about perfection, time, the discipline to be militant and stand up for what they want (Whaling anyone??) are things that I look upon with great admiration. Things that I would like to say I see in myself, but that would be very off the mark, considering I'm lazy, loud, inconsiderate, and generally a bit of a wanker.

Unfortunately, (and I have touched on this before about my obsession with WWII at the hands of watching to much SBS all my life) I sort of still hold a grudges with Japan as a nation. I still have grudges with all the countries/sates that went with the axis powers.
When i discuss Japan to people and i mention all the above, I always almost throw in "And they are just crazy about everything, (brief pause), that's why we had to bomb them (brief pause), twice". Sometimes I just make the "L" shape on my head with one hand.
Still do it to Germans when I've been out drunk. It's actually pretty disgusting. I now hate myself.

I'm totally jealous of Japan, not only for all the gadgets, TV, computers, crazy militant lifestyle choices and the film 'Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift'. but how they go about being delicate, considerate, polite people when it need be. Everything is always very clean, meticulous, organised, precise and mannered in such a way that you always feel inferior with whatever tawdry issue currently lay ahead.

And like all good things, the whole axis powers thing, I totally can forgive Japan for. They have more than made up for it with their contribution to the world, making life interesting to say the very least (ever hear about the vending machines in Japan that offer for sale panties purportedly worn by teenage schoolgirls?).

One day I will meet you. Ahhhh, I meant Japan the country, not the vending machine...

Hope you liked that one, Justin. Cheers.

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