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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nonsensically Nordic

Ah, Nordic countries.

Lovely bunch.

Good bless them, earnest, whit skinned, beautiful women, crafty cheap crappy furniture, addicted to 'rb' and 'BA' rating, strange food, strange/ frustrating language, strange almost everything..

However I will never forgive them for introducing the world to one of the worst experiences that anyone has to endure. Something so horrible that the Nordic region should have almost been ex comunicated from the interanational community for decades for its horror.

Super Virus? Weapon of Mass destruction? You might ask?

Well, sorta. few things are as terrible in this world than having to listen to ABBA, or even worse listen to people listen to ABBA.

and the fact that when they talk in native tongue, it sounds like they have a mouth full of wasps, oysters and vodka and carrying on nonsensically.

But. Great brewers.

Take Norway for example, small in stature and thin in impact, but boy some of their brewers know how to master the mumbo.

First Nogne O.

And now there is HaandBryggeriet and their collection of well thought out hybrid takes on the world of brews and what lies around them.

We currently received their:

Norwegian Wood - Traditional Ale.
Good Force - Imperial Wheat Ale / Wheat Wine.
Haandbic - Lambic that has rested in oak barrels for 18 months.
R√łyk Uten Ild (Smoke Without Fire) - Rauchbier.

And OF COURSE their

Dobbel Dose IPA - Imperial IPA.

For all you people who seem to be slopping down IPA's quicker than you can say George Hodgson, or faster than Judas with wine at the 'The Last Supper'.

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