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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

We Dogfish? We Wish. We Epic? Maybe So.

So we now have the (in)famous Portamarillo in Stock.

Going through life being of Italian descent, there are numerous qualities that get passed on. And one of the hallmarks is scepticism.

I'm sceptical about almost anything.



Spanish Jamon.

Masterchef Television programs.

New Zealanders.

And dubious beers that a slapped together for television and merely represent a sum of it's parts.

Hence my scepticism about the Portamarillo saga. The kind of beer and dreadful name that if dreamt up when you are possibly smoking a joint listening to the 'Genesis' album 'Nursery Cryme' (Brilliant Album!!!).

A brewmasters and Discovery Channel special, Endorsed by Lance Armstrong.

No doubt.

Although this doesn't take away from my unbridled passion for thinking that Sam Caligione is God.

So the beer has some hope yet. I will follow up with tasting note blog entry / scepticism buster.

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